The Purpose of Krystal Brite

                    Headlight Cleaner Headlight Restoration


Car accident statistics are jarring at night.  Despite 60 percent less traffic on the roads,
more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night.  Nearly 90 percent of your reaction ability while driving relies on sight, yet the ability to see goes down dramatically at night.  Your dept of perception, color recognition and peripheral vision all take a nosedive when the sun goes down.  As a result, nighttime driving is one of the most dangerous activities you can do, statistically speaking.  Of all fatal car accidents, 49 percent occur at night, despite there being few drivers on the road.  In fact, night driving has a fatality rate per mile nearly triple that of daytime driving.


Headlight restoration is actually a necessity today because it is a safety issue.  It has been well documented by safety industries that dim headlights have played a serious role in major car accidents.  By maintaining proper light output of your vehicle's headlights by simple maintenance and by headlight cleaning many of these accidents could be avoided.  Plastic headlight oxidation leads to lens discoloration, which transforms new, clear bright shiny plastic to a dull yellow tint that appears to be foggy, hazy or cloudy.  This process (oxidation), not only becomes an eyesore, but also is unsafe.  Because of the degradation of the plastic lens, less light passed through resulting in diminished visibility during night driving.  The car owner either has to deal with these cloudy, foggy, oxidized headlights posing serious safety issues or purchase expensive replacement headlights costing hundreds of dollars to obtain clean headlights once again.


The modern projector lens is made of polycarbonate and not acrylic.  Having your headlights on or being exposed to the heat of the day causes the pores to open allowing debris from the road to get in.  Debris, together with a combination of environmental factors such as the sun (UV rays), smog, acid rain, car exhaust, and harsh chemicals used to wash your car can cause the plastic headlight lenses to become oxidized.

Example of Oxidized Headlight and Same Headlight Cleaned by Krystal Brite


Oxidation is a flat, opaque covering that lays evenly on the surface of the lens.  It will start out white turn yellow and eventually brown.  It can build up and block all light from leaving the lens.  

Krystal Brite will bring your headlights back to a safe and new like appearance inexpensively, without the expense of new replacement lenses or expensive sanding options.

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