Dangers of Dirty and Oxidized Headlights

Does your car have cloudy, yellowed and oxidized headlights?

Do you have reduced visibility driving at night?

Do your headlights illuminate road hazards such as animals, potholes, tires and other debris, while driving at night?

Do you want to reduce the dangers and risks while driving at night?

Restoring your headlights with our product is low cost and safe, as opposed to costly headlight replacement or abrasive sanding options!

Illumination Difference of Oxidised Headlights vs Cleaned Headlights
You See almost 3 times as far when they are clean 

Did you know that nighttime driving is one of the most dangerous activities you can do, statistically speaking. Of all fatal car accidents, 49-percent occur at night, despite there being fewer drivers on the road. In fact, night driving has a fatality rate per mile nearly triple that of daytime driving 

We encourage you to read further on our website for valuable information, view pictures and videos; to better understand what Krystalbrite can do for your cloudy and oxidized headlights!


This is how your headlights will look after bieng cleaned with Krystalbrite
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